COM 170 Week 1 Paragraph Writing

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COM 170 Week 1 Paragraph Writing
Year: 2015
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COM 170 Week 1 Paragraph Writing


Write a 150- to 200-word paragraph describing the steps of your current writing approach. For example, how do you approach writing an assignment for a class? In addition, outline the ways your process differs from or is similar to the writing process outlined in your texts. This paragraph should follow the structure of an effective paragraph.


Underline your topic sentence.


Boldface your concluding sentence in the paragraph.


Use complete sentences, correct subject-verb agreement, and consistent verb tense in your paragraph.


Post your assignment as a Microsoft® Word attachment.


Review the additional resources from the Center for Writing Excellence for further support:

  • Grammar Girl: “Understanding Voice and Tone in Writing”
  • “Building Writing Confidence”
  • Grammar Girl: “Subject-Verb Agreement”

Review the additional animations listed below located in the Week One  MyWritingLab Links for further support:

  • “Subjects and Verbs”
  • “Consistent Verb Tense”
  • “Active Voice”